Women's health & wellness workshops

A space for All women to come together and feel empowered to learn and grow in all areas health.  Creating mindful, knowledgeable, interactive and soulful connections to support each other.  Offering a range of topics in holistic self-care and spiritual health.

Nutrition & body image workshops

Awake, nutrition and body image workshops aim to get you thinking outside the box when it comes to health and wellness.  Aiming to increase practical skills and insight on 'calling out' diet culture and building awareness within.  Providing insight into a Non-diet approach, Intuitive Eating, mindfulness based practices, embodied movement, and holistic self-care.  Through shared knowledge and lived experience we grow together. 

Spiritual health & meditation workshops


Creating a safe space to connect with self and purpose.  Empowering women to come together to share this collective energy.  Combining a range of skills in meditation, Reiki, crystal healing, health coaching, and embodied movement to enhance body and soul connection.  Workshops are tailed to suit group needs.

Professional photography and film services available for all workshops

Women's circles & retreats


Offering a range of support to enhance a deeper connection to self and knowing how to care for your body, mind and soul to help you feel AWAKE to your best self.  Women's circles can be arranged for a variety of groups.  Retreats will be coming soon for weekend locations and far away destinations to replenish the soul.  Retreats combine all areas of health and well being including practices such as surfing, yoga, reiki, arts, nutrition, and body image support to leave you feeling relaxed, connected, and inspired.  Contact to book your own women's circle or express interest on upcoming retreats.

Professional photography & videography available for all gatherings and retreats.

Please enquire for prices, upcoming dates and details on what we can offer. 

Coaching / Workshops / Retreats - Price varies

Photography Packages - by Cory White Visuals available for workshops