What is a Non-Diet Approach?

Evidence-based concepts that enhance health by bringing awareness inward and building trust in the body.  They are holistic self-care practices that bring enjoyment back to eating and body confidence, rather than focusing on external rules.


Non-Diet Approaches include Intuitive & Mindful eating and fall under the Health at Every Size (HAES®) Framework.  Recognised world-wide as the most helpful way to support people of ALL sizes to take care of their health with lasting effect. 

Who is it best for?


Whilst most people could benefit from a Non-Diet approach to nutrition and enhance body connection, these approaches are particularly helpful if you feel you struggle with; weight, body image, if you go from one diet to the next, or if your relationship with food and your body is difficult.  When we start to look at health by focusing on weight, this comes from a desire to control which sets up a disconnection from the body and takes us further from health.  The more we try to control the body, then health and weight can start to feel more out of reach or it can become a pre-occupation creating negative health effects in the other direction.   Non-Diet approaches achknoweldge health is not purely based on body size, and focues on enhancing health and self-care in ways that are sustainable and help you feel confident in the skin you're in.  

If you you would like to make peace with food and your body, get your energy back, forget the stress around food, increase your satisfaction in food choices, be able to move and care for your body in ways that feel good, support your children to have a healthy relationship with their body, and feel confident in the skin you're in, then this is for you.  This approach is NOT about restriction, guilt, body hatred, 'shoulds', and rigid behaviours.  Let's feel AWAKE to your best self.

Forget the diet and feel empowered in your health.

Feeling like this?

  • Stressed about health and low in energy

  • Frustrated and bored with dieting

  • Tired of weight-cycling and body dissatisfaction

  • Feeling out of control with food

  • Consumed by numbers, food rules and lack flexibility with food choices

  • Lost enjoyment and satisfaction with food

  • Exercise feels like a chore or over exercising

  • Lost connection and trust in your body

  • Feeling disconnected from self

  • Confused by health messages

Want to feel like this?

  • Body positive, care for your unique self

  • Deeply connected to self

  • Knowledgeable in how to ditch diet culture and have more time for the things that really matter
  • Increased energy and overall well being

  • Enjoyment in a variety of foods that satisfy without stress, guilt, or rules

  • Confidence to nourish mind, body and soul

  • Freedom from diets and restriction

  • Confident in embodied self-care practices

  • Enjoyment in moving, rather than just 'exercise'

  • Increased mindfulness in daily life

What about dieting?


Whether we feel like we're on a diet or not, we are surrounded by diet culture that constantly sends us messages that we need to change our body.  Some of my clients don't realise they are in diet mentality because it's become so normal to restrict food, only eat 'good' food and exercise because we have to.  But if you follow any "lifestyle" change that has a weight loss focus or you don't trust your body to tell you what, when and how much to eat, then you're dieting. 


Diets don't work.  Some  appear to work at the start and then we feel like we lose motivation or it's our fault we can't stick to it.  It's not our fault and it doesn't come down to will power, diets just don't work.  Diets DO increase body disconnection, weight regain plus more, slows metabolism, increases fear in food choices and completely takes the enjoyment away from diet variety.  Not to mention many other health concerns and weight stigma.  The purpose of pursuing health or weight loss is to achieve our best quality of life, to do the things we want to do, right?  So, when diet culture promotes fear and stress around food and encourages us to ignore our bodies cues, then this is not healthful at all.  If dieting was the answer then we would all be 'thin' and 'healthy'.

The big fear is that if there are no rules and restrictions then we'll blow out and eating will be uncontrollable.  This fear is based in diet mentality.  Instead, what if we though of it as if we could eat whatever we like what will make us feel the best and be most satisfing.  By tuning into internal cues to eat and care for the body, we are able to set up a relationship with ourselves that comes from a place of kindness and respect to move through this world in our unique and beautiful way.