Reiki Healing Treatments

Certified Reiki and Crystal Healer

A space for deep relaxation and clarity.  Release what holds you back and connect deeper with yourself - mind, body and soul.  Feel AWAKE!

Energy healing treatments that enhance relaxation, clarity & self-connection.


Reiki is a gentle but powerful ‘hands on healing’ technique where energy is transferred without using pressure, manipulation or massage.

Reiki promotes relaxation and deep connection to self.  It assists healing physically and emotional, creating clarity and balance within the body.  Treatments adapted to suit your individual needs. 

Intuitive Mix

The recommended treatment for the full healing and relaxation experience.  Shae uses a unique combination of Reiki energy, crystals, aromatherapy, guided mediation, colour therapy for a powerful and beautiful healing treatment intuitively crafted to suit you.  Balancing the chakras (energy centres of the body) and providing practical skills to promote ongoing healing and positive change.


Experience the same benefits from a Reiki Treatment in the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world. After a phone or Skype consultation you receive a full Reiki treatment with personal insight and practical support.  Some things you just have to try for yourself.

What to expect

Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of healing  'Rei' meaning Universal life force, 'Ki' meaning Energy.  Universal energy is transferred from the practitioners palms to the client without using pressure or massage.  The energy is spread throughout the body and is naturally directed to where it's needed most. 


Every client experiences different sensations throughout the treatment and Reiki continues to work for days afterwards.  During treatment a deep relaxation state is reached, as Shae ensures a safe and comfortable environment and is skilled at enhancing a calm and peaceful feeling on all levels.  Physical sensations may include; reduced pain, sensations of heat, tingling, static, experience seeing colours or light, whilst others sense a clearing of mental or emotional stress.  Some people can't explain it other than a sense of lightness in body and clarity in self.  Whatever you feel, Shae will guide you throughout the session and help provide understanding and practical support you can do at home for ongoing healing. 

Reiki promotes a powerful healing experience and is a safe complimentary treatment to use alongside medical support but does not diagnose or replace these treatments.

How can it help

Whether you have a particular concern or just need some self care time to yourself to reset, Awake healing treatments are worth investing in YOU!  Energy healing assists to harmonize the body; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 


The main benefits can include; deep relaxation, stress relief, improved sleep, increased creativity, balance to the whole body to increase energy levels and mental clarity.  It assists pain relief and recovery and works to clear energy blockages within the body (Chakra balancing), to prevent injury and promote personal growth.  These healing techniques allow for a deeper connection to self to help you to feel 'Awake' to your true self.

Treatment & product costs

Awake Healing Treatments

- Reiki Treatment (45-60mins) $70

- Intuitive Mix Healing (60mins) $85

- Reiki Distance Healing (60mins) $60

- Save money 3 x 1 hr Intuitive healing package $230

Self-care Potions

- Chakra oils (custom made or Awake blend) $15 roll-on bottle

- Morning/night essential oil & floral water face mist sprays $15