Find Balance, Presence & Connection.

Find Yourself AWAKE!

I help you feel AWAKE to your best self

through food freedom, body liberation, and soul connection,

so you can create space for the things that really matter.

Nutrition &  Dietetics

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Self - Care

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Reiki Healing

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Welcome, you're in the right place.

Are you tired of the diet-cycle and trying to control your weight? Have you lost touch with your body and feeling all the things you "should" do are just another chore? Awake Healing and Health appreciates that health is a process of self-care and values practices that nourish rather than deplete, and help us feel ‘Awake’ to our full potential.  When we enhance awareness and connection to the body we can better understand how to care for our individual needs without relying on confusing health messages.  This is a space for the appreciation of body diversity, mindfulness and compassion, whilst gaining valuable skills to support health in positive ways.  The common idea that 'health' involves ‘willpower', ‘rules’, 'restriction' and 'body punishment' is no way to pursue health and creates more disconnection.  At Awake, Shae recognises that you are the expert of your lived experience and together we can build skills, so you can feel empowered for lasting change and navigating the many facets that affect health. 


Shae is an experienced Non-diet Dietitian, qualified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, and Energy Healer offering practical self-care support that considers the physical, emotional, behavioural, cultural and spiritual aspects of health. 

Life is to be lived AWAKE!


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Experiencing Feeling Like This?

  • Stressed and low in energy

  • Not quite yourself and lost clarity in purpose

  • Frustrated with dieting

  • Concerned with weight and body image

  • Feeling out of control with food

  • Lost enjoyment and satisfaction in food

  • Food causes stress and/or consumes thoughts

  • Exercise feels like a chore

  • Lost connection with your body and how to care for it

  • Feeling disconnected from what's important to you

  • Finding it difficult to meditate or be mindful

Wanting To Feel More Like This?

  • New found inspiration to be you!

  • Increased energy and motivation

  • More connected to body, mind, spirit

  • Relaxed and present

  • Freedom from dieting, restrictive eating and over eating

  • Confidence in nourishing your body

  • Feeling body positive

  • Satisfaction from a variety of foods without the 'guilt'

  • Enjoyment in moving your body

  • Increased mindfulness in daily life

  • Confident in self-care practices

Dietetics & Nutrition

Using Non-diet approaches to support a range of nutritional and body image concerns. Shae combines the best evidence based nutrition science, meditation and yogic practices to increase body awareness, self compassion, embodied movement and find freedom from diets.  A safe space for all bodies.


  Shae ensures person-centered  care.  Find more about 'non-diet' and the range of services available.

Energy Healing

Reiki is an ancient healing technique that transfers energy through gentle touch.  It is used to release and balance energy centers of the body to enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Enhancing deeper connection to self. 


Using a combination of Reiki, crystals, aromatherapy,  colour therapy, and guided meditation to promote a powerful healing and relaxation experience. 

A range of packages available.


Sometimes we just need more options.  Offering evidence based self-care and mindfulness practices this is a space for guidance, creativity, connection and inspiration to enhance feeling Awake.  Whether it's individual or a space for groups to come together to learn in new ways. 


Workshops and coaching can take place in a range of settings, through a variety of activities.   Contact Awake to find out more, or work with us to bring an idea to life.

AWAKE Healing & Health
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PH: 0468 948 624