Awake Nutrition & Dietetics

Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Non-Diet Approach, Mindful and Intuitive Eating

Helping you to find peace and enjoyment with food and your body.  Develop practical skills to support the bigger picture of health, moving away from diet rules.  Bringing awareness to the complexities that affect health and body image. 

What to expect with Awake Nutrition and Dietetics?

Throughout all nutrition consults, Shae ensure person-centered care. Using non-diet approaches with a Health At Every Size® perspective to best support you.  This means that you will never be told to ban or restrict certain foods.  This approach moves away from the diet-cycling that doesn't work and the idea that your body isn't good enough or shouldn't be trusted.  Instead, we use evidence based practices including intuitive eating and mindful eating that teach us how to listen and respect the body with food freedom.  We don't just look at food and eating.  Together we navigate the physical, mental, cultural and behavioural aspects that may affect food choices, activity, body image and the bigger picture of health.  This is a space for ALL bodies to feel supported and celebrated, no matter your shape or size. 


Shae is skilled to support a range of health concerns and general well being, specialist areas listed below.  Each consult offers individualised support that builds practical skills and insights, designed to ensure you get the best support and follow up to meet your needs.   

In-person & online services

Intuitive eating & food freedom

Are you sick of feeling dissatisfied in your body and low in energy? Do you feel out of control, bored, or stress around food? Does exercise feel like something you "should" do or something you do to control your body?  As mentioned above, Intuitive eating and non-diet approaches teaches us how to listen to our body's wisdom for lasting success.  Life's too short to live at war with food and your body! 

Particularly helpful to support; poor body image, weight concerns, diabetes, and disordered eating (restrictive & compulsive eating, chronic dieting, obsession with food).

Women's health & self care

Empowering women to know how to care for their body, mind and soul.  Using non-diet concepts to support health through the stages of life. 


Support for: body image, disordered eating (e.g chronic dieting, compulsive eating) PCOS, amenorrhea, pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding nutrition, menopause, gut health, general nutrition and self-care.

Eating disorder support & recovery

Quality and specialist support for clients and families is provided within this complex mental health area.  Ensuring client centered care and a team approach.  Safe and ethical care is provided acknowledging that eating disorders affect a range of body sizes, abilities and genders.  As a non-diet Dietitian, Shae is particularly effective in navigating recovery amidst the diet culture we live in. 

Family and child nutrition

Shae is passionate about supporting families to connection with food and help kids grow up to build healthy relationships with food and their body.  Children are born Intuitive Eaters, but through the diet culture we live in, children are surrounded by messages that teach them to disconnect from their body.  Shae offers children and families practical skills to support; trust in body cues, food variety, enjoyment at meals, positive body image, and nourishment for healthy growth. 

A wonderful space to support ALL bodies feel there best self.  Individualised support and self-care strategies for a range of health concerns including those mentioned above.  Shae is experienced working with clients with all levels of disability and all ages.  If you are under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), contact to find out how we can best support your needs, whether you require a registered NDIS provider or are self-managed. 

Disability nutrition

How is Awake Nutrition Different?


Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life, nourishing the body as well as the soul.  At Awake, Shae appreciates that food is more than just fuel and health is multidimensional.  Here, it's about enjoying food and building awareness to listen to the body so you can feel your best self.  The body is more accurate at gauging nourishment than the mind, yet the diet culture that surrounds us teaches us the body can't be trusted.  There is so much nutritional information out there (often unqualified) that it can become confusing, rigid, and more harmful than helpful.  Shae is qualified and experienced to support your individual health needs, appreciating that YOU are the expert in knowing what works best for you.  It's together that we find sustainable and effective strategies that help you feel good. 


Moving away from traditional Dietetics, Shae offers a range of practical support using Non-Diet approaches. Shae considers nutrition from a holistic self-care perspective looking at the physical, psychological, environmental, and cultural aspects that affect health.  The more we move away from trying to control the body, the more we let go of stress, weight-cycling, pre-occupation with food, and body dissatisfaction.  By increasing connection to the body, we are able to create space physically and mentally for healthful behaviours and things that make us feel AWAKE to our true self.