Nutrition and Dietetic private consultations

Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Non-Diet Approach, Mindful and Intuitive Eating

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Why choose a Dietitian?


There's so much nutrition and health information out there, it's hard to know who to trust.  Everyone eats food and has tried X diet or X "lifestyle change".  Some have studied nutrition in a short course or as a subject in a health related course.  All these approaches may mean well, but may be doing more harm than good. 


What is a Dietitian? Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD) are qualified health professionals that translate scientific nutrition research to best support a person's understanding and relationship between food and health, to help people live well.  Dietitians undergo extensive study and practical training and must meet ongoing strict criteria to be licensed to assess, diagnose and treat nutritional problems.  Within Australia this governing body is The Dietetics Association of Australia.  Australian Dietitians are also Nutritionsts, however undergo further study that involves substantial theory, and supervised and assessed professional practice in clinical nutrition and medical nutrition therapy.  Dietitians under the APD program are the only profession recognised under Medicare, Department of Veteran Affairs, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Private Health Insurers. 

Initial & follow-up appointments


As a non-diet, HAES® aligned Dietitian I hope to enhance your curiosity and compassion with each session.  Helping you gain more and moe insight into YOU and you're relationship with food.  I won't ask you to jump on the scales (unless medically essential for eating disorder treatment) because this is a space for body diversity and health.  I won't prescibe you a diet or give you a meal plan, we can do much better than that! I will support you with a range of practical skills to connect with body cues, understand behaviours, and enhance mindfulness to support nutrition and health for your unique needs. 

During our consults, i'm with you 100% and will work along side you.  Giving you the time you need during consults to reflect and set goals, plus options for further insight and support in-between visits.  Consults take place online, with some in-person or home visit appointments available as needed. 


- Initial consult (60mins) $130

- Standard Review (45 -60mins) $130

- Shortened Review (30mins) $75

- Extended Family consult (90mins) - $200

- Intuitive Eating Packages SAVE $ (Includes 6 or 12 sessions + email support) Recommended for best results & ongoing care -Please Inquire

*Please note this is not a bulk-billed service, all sessions have an out of pocket fee.  Medicare rebates available when referred from your doctor with an enhanced primary care plan for eligible clients only or you can claim through your Private Health Insurance fund.  There is only bulk billing available for eligible clients under DVA and Corvid19 Telehealth.   Awake Healing and Health is also able to deliver care under NDIS funding (self managed or plan managed clients). 

*If you are experiencing financial hardship - we do offer a sliding scale of fees to support your needs and access to services, so please get in touch to discuss options that may be suitable.  That said, our general fees are set at a fair rate to be able to offer a this level of service and cover expenses.   If you can pay the full rate, please do.