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Why Shae?

Non-Diet Dietitian, Yogi and Reiki Healer.

Hi, I'm Shae Dingle.


I believe health is best honoured through body connection and awareness, rather that diet rules.

As a non-diet Dietitian I value enjoyment with food and healthful practices that nourish, respect and celebrate the body you're in! 


When we learn to trust our whole body and care for it from a place of love and connection, rather than fear and restriction, we gain empowering awareness to be able to honour our changing needs.   I am passionate about practices that enhance connection and awareness within.  Which is why I'm also a qualified yoga, meditation and surf instructor, and energy healer.  When bringing awareness inwards, I also believe it's crucial to bring awareness to understand and navigate the external influences and ideals placed on bodies, cultures and health. 


I offer in-person or online support offering a range of practices to build trust and connection to your whole self.  At Awake, your lived experience is valued.  We work together so you feel AWAKE to your best self.

Organise your own women's circle or workshop on nutrition and intuitive eating, or reiki and spiritual health.  Perfect for your yoga studio, women's retreats, or community groups.